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In the morning you might hear the sounds of the Steller’s Blue Jays and Western Gray Squirrels. At night you might hear the murmur of the wind carrying the fresh scent of mountain pines. During the day you might listen to the stillness of your mind as you take the peaceful energy of this ancient Native American spiritual site.


11 Chimneys is nestled among centuries-old oaks, cedars, pines and the unique manzanita trees. The retreat is surrounded by impressive boulders and expands over 13 acres in the forest of Idyllwild. The property borders with the United States National Forest to the North and runs along the inspiring Strawberry Creek to the south. Ancient Native Americans found this site to be deeply spiritual. Here they processed foods and herbal medicines. Archeologists have found several sites where “metates” (mortars) were built for this purpose. You will be able to find them along your walks around the property.


11 Chimneys counts with a 6,000 sq2 Lodge and several one and two-bedroom cabins that can be rented individually or all together, long or short term for your yoga retreat. Depending on the size of your group we can facilitate different outdoor locations among the trees and impressive boulders for group practice and gatherings.