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Idyllic town of Idyllwild California

What to do in Idyllwild California?


Idyllwild is nestled in the San Jacinto mountains. Set among tall pines, sweet smelling cedars and Legendary rocks. The town has kept its “small town” atmosphere. Locally owned shops and restaurants are all you will find here.

Come and experience the peace and quiet of Idyllwild. If you are ready to get away from the traffic jams, or the noisy city life, this is the town for you. Idyllwild has perfect day hikes for the quick weekend hike, as well as the high country for the longer “over night” hiking journeys.

What to Do in Idyllwild?  

  • Walk Through the Town– Explore the local dinners shops, and don’t forget to take a coffee break at any cozy café in this chilly weather. Another thing you cannot miss out on is the Wooley’s store to get an exclusive range of mountain clothes, cowboy hats, stuffed toys, and sunglasses.
  • The Idyllwild Nature Center– The Idyllwild Nature Center on California Highway 243, situated in a spectacular mountain setting, integrates demonstrations of local scenic beauty and natural wildlife with hiking trailheads. If you’d like to have a picnic, you can do so there over the benches.
  • Do Visit The Lake Fulmor– If you’d prefer simple, enjoy hiking in the snow, and head to Lake Fulmor as it is equipped with rainbow trout. This nature reserve is also ideal for fishing.